Born with brushstrokes

Since Andrea Wootton first popped into this world in 1967, her future as an artist was writing on the wall. She was born into an incredibly artistic family, starting her journey with the brush in what she lovingly refers to as a “fabulous two years” as understudy to her talented father Ron – embracing his enchanting artistic style.

Creative love affair

Andrea has had lots of fun developing and refining her wholly individual, utterly enjoyable artistic style. As a devoted lover of life, nature and all it’s wonderful creatures, her art gravitates towards the playful, vibrant, satirical side of life. Andrea’s innate talent to capture a subject’s inherent vibrancy is truly impressive.

Serial exhibitionist

In between paintings, Andrea has worked within a number of creative, high profile spaces to pay the bills, including her own fashion label and advertising agency. But it’s always really been about the art in her heart, as shown by a long list of successful exhibitions, plus artistic study in Greece, New York, Paris, Croatia and Spain.


The playful, vibrant, satirical side of life, capturing the wonders of the world around us in unique abstract… with a love of nature & animals in action, using pencil, water colour, ink & acrylic.


Cheryl Petersen Gallery (painting)
Catherine Hamilton (drawing & painting)
Chrissy Sharp (inks)
Julie Goldspink (watercolor)